Awards and achievements

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These awards are dedicated to PARENTNashik family – Workforce, thank you for your support to make this happen.


Shreekant Patil – Asia’s Leading Entrepreneur In Small Business India 2019 (UAE)

  1. India Business Award 2018 (Leading manufacturer of spot welding spares in India)
  2. The BIZZ Award 2018 (Business Excellence – USA)
  3. Nashik Best Brand Awards 2018 (Brand Leadership Award)
  4. IEDRA Award- 2018(Excellence For Industrial Development)


  1. Leaders of tomorrow
  2. India 5000 Best MSME – 2017
  3. India 5000 Best MSME – 2018
  4. The welding world awards 2018 (Best Welding Product Supplier  –  Europe)
  5. Worldwide Achievers Awards -2018

Paramount Enterprises is now a recognised Company in India as well as at International Level.


IEDRA Awards- 2018

India business awards

Top 500 fast growing CEOs- India Business Awards


India Best 5000 MSME Awards 2017


The Bizz Awards USA- 2018


Paramount Enterprises Nominated for Welding World Awards 2018


Excellence Award for industrial Development- IEDRA

India business awards

Blinkwink India Business Awards- 2018

Nashik Best brand

Nashik Best Brand Awards- 2018

More About the Founder-

Shreekant Patil

Shreekant Patil, the CEO, and co-founder of the leading enterprise specializing in resistance spot welding consumable & spares, paramount-enterprises, brand – PARENTNashik has gained rapid success over the last few years, however, the company was established in 2004. Before this, Shreekant worked in few companies where he learned marketing, production, accounting, management & relationship. He discovered that most of the automobile industries are not comfortable getting spot welding consumables for their portable welder from machine manufacturer, so he developed products & started catering to leading car manufacturer in India. PARENTNashik takes care of its delivery, quality and best price which helps customer make happy every time. This helps PARENTNashik to reach in the international market and now supplying to USA, EU and middle east. The company is an ongoing success and supports woman empowerment, where company’s MD is Sneha Patil, with 40% workforce are women.

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